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Man and woman passionately in loveAttract Men Easily is the website of dating and relationships author and coach, James Taylor.

It was founded on the belief that any woman, no matter who she is, what she looks like, or how successful with men that she has been in the past, has the ability to attract her dream guy into a loving and committed relationship with her for the long term.

In this regard, the site is devoted to equipping women with all the information, strategies and tactics they need to attract the man of their dreams, make him fall madly in love with them and keep him around forever.

To provide this service, we have a number of high-quality free articles which cover many topics of interest to women who want to improve their dating and relationship success with men.

Furthermore, we offer a free report and free follow-up coaching through regular email newsletters, which can be obtained by filling out the fields in the box above the sidebar menu (to the left of the screen).

And for women who want to take their dating and relationship success to a whole new level, we offer some of the best dating and relationship products on the market in e-book, audio and video formats.

In addition to this we operate a one-on-one dating and relationship coaching service via phone or Skype, which enables us to tailor the advice we give to the unique needs of individual women, so that they can move beyond their personal sticking points and obtain faster results in love lives.

We believe that whichever service or services of ours that a woman takes advantage of, she will be much better equipped to have long-term success with men in her life.