Catch Him and Keep Him Review

Catch Him and Keep Him Review by James Taylor

Catch Him and Keep Him book

In this Catch Him and Keep Him review, I’m going to tell you all about dating and relationship expert Christian Carter’s popular book for women on how to attract and keep great men.

In addition to this, I’m going to evaluate the book in terms of whether I believe the stuff he suggests will actually work for you in the real world with real men.

So, with that said, let’s get started!

Catch Him and Keep Him is a downloadable book written primarily for women who have not yet been successful in attracting (and keeping) the kind of man that they want for a long-term committed relationship.

It focuses on getting deep inside the male psyche and explaining what men think and feel, and why they do. Carter’s reason for this approach is quite simple: if you as a woman understand the deepest desires of men and their thought processes, you will then know what they find attractive in women and how to make yourself appear as attractive as possible to them. As a result, you should be able to enjoy the dating and relationship success that you desire.

The male mind

What makes Carter’s insights so relevant is that he understands the frustrations that women have with men, having been the kind of man that has caused many of these types of frustrations to the women he was with.

For example, he went through a stage where he played women and shied away from commitment. Coming from this place has enabled him to work out why he thought the way he did and how a woman could have maneuvered around this and made him understand the value of a relationship with her.

Some of the key things that he explains in the book are:

  • The two main ways that men can be attracted to a woman and why both of these must be present in order to have a chance of a committed relationship with a particular man.
  • How to maintain your natural advantage as the “selector”, rather than automatically giving it away to the men you are interested in.
  • The traits that women who are naturally successful with men have and how you can exploit these to your advantage.
  • Why chemistry (or a strong connection) does not necessarily lead to a man wanting a relationship, and how you can move from chemistry/connection to a relationship with him.
  • How to avoid triggering a man’s “stay single” response.
  • The things that you absolutely must not do that will cause men who are potentially interested in a relationship with you to back away (or even run from you!!!)
  • How to find out what a man wants from you and where a relationship is going without scaring him off.
  • How to make a relationship progress towards the level of commitment that you desire.
  • How to maintain a man’s interest in you over time so that he wants to stay with you. 


My Assessment of the Book

To conclude this Catch Him and Keep Him review, I will now make an assessment of the book. My verdict is that it provides some good insights into the minds of men and how they act. These should help you as a woman to understand men better so that you don’t fall into the trap of just assuming that they want exactly the same things as you and then being disappointed when the situation doesn’t work out the way youMan and woman in love hoped.

The fact is that men are very different from women and have very different wants and needs from a relationship. Failure to understand this crucial fact will invariably lead to failure and frustration with men – they will just seem absolutely impossible.

However, once you understand men and what they desire, you will be able to satisfy them in such a way that leads to you also getting what you want. This is what Christian Carter tries to show you how to do in the book.

I am of the opinion though that he doesn’t quite hit the mark as fully as he could. My impression is that he focuses too much on the stereotype of men being totally out of touch with their emotions. To me this is not helpful, as a lot of men are in touch with their emotions.

Also unhelpful in my opinion is Carter’s tendency to pander to the egos of women who are angry at men for not giving them what they want – by painting men as bad, wrong and sometimes stupid for the way the act towards women. This seems to create a divide between men and women – an “us” and “them” mentality.

Quality men though are not interested in women who are angry at or harbor resentment toward the male gender. This is a sure recipe for failure with men.

Overall, I would have to say that Catch Him and Keep Him has some useful content, that should help you as a woman become better with men.

But, if you would like a lot bigger bang for your buck, I would have to recommend that you go for relationship expert Kara Oh’s Men Made Easy instead – which I have reviewed here:

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In this, she reveals to you the 12 secrets about men that she discovered through two years of research in which she interviewed hundreds of guys, asking them very probing questions about women and relationships.

These secrets are all about men’s needs, hopes and desires in life and how they relate to women. If you as a woman don’t understand these, you will be left stabbing in the dark trying to figure out how to attract and keep a man.

Have you ever wondered why some women who appear to be the “total package” always seem to strike out when it comes to men, while others who don’t even look that good are never short of quality male company?

The reason is that the former group don’t understand men that well, while the latter group have an extremely good understanding of them.

If you would like to gain this sort of understanding of men so that you can enjoy consistent success with them (and find a great one for a long-term relationship), I strongly suggest that you check out Men Made Easy by Kara Oh.

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