How To Be Irresistible to Men

A big question that many women badly want the answer to is: “how to be irresistible to men?” What will make you as a woman so alluring that men start to sit up and take notice of you in a way that they never have before?

Well … I as a man know very well the answers to this question (as do most men, but they won’t all be able to put it into words). The good news is that today I’m going to share some very big pieces of the puzzle.

Many men will probably be upset though that I have disclosed these secrets and many women wouldn’t be happy either that you will have an unfair advantage over them.

These things are not the kind of lightweight suggestions on how to be irresistible to men that other websites come up with such as, “have a wonderful sense of humor” and “be healthy” (which in practice don’t really work).

I can assure you that the things I’m about to reveal about how to be irresistible to men are the real deal. Put them into practice and you’ll get the attention of men in a big way!

Anyway, here they are:

1. Look Your Best

You as a woman don’t need to have supermodel looks to be irresistible to men (as I explain in detail here: What Men Find Attractive). However, this is noDecent looking woman excuse to be lazy and not take care of yourself.

What you do need to do is become the best looking “you” that you can be. And while having natural good looks may be a slight advantage, other factors which I am about to mention are far more important than physical beauty.

A few suggestions that I have are: grow your hair to at least shoulder length hair (and ideally longer) if you can (most men prefer this to shorter hair – which appears more masculine); don’t wear too much make-up (this makes you appear fake and look like you’re trying to hide something); work out at the gym (both weights and cardio) to keep yourself toned; and dress attractively, but not “sexy” (otherwise men will have trouble seeing you as anything other than a piece of meat).

2. Like Who You Are (ie. Have High Self-esteem)

It is extremely important that you like the person who you are, despite any shortcomings that you may have (everyone has some).

Your opinion of yourself comes through very clearly to every person that you interact with through your facial expressions, your body language, how you move, your emotions, and in the energy that you convey generally.

Men want to be around women who like themselves and feel secure. They don’t want to be around women who are painfully shy, extremely self-conscious, and those who put themselves down all the time and have to be constantly reassured etc.

I can tell you that average-looking women who like themselves can appear very attractive to a man, while very good-looking women who don’t like themselves can appear very unattractive.

Liking yourself is a decision that you can make at any time. It does not need to depend on an ideal set of circumstances (eg. having the perfect body). It comes from being able to focus Confident and irresistible womanon your good points instead of your bad points, and also from living consistently with your beliefs and values.

3. Be Confident

Confidence is an incredibly attractive quality to a man, which tends to come largely from liking yourself.

In a nutshell, confidence is a set of beliefs around how everything in your life is going to work out for you.

Confident people believe that other people are going to like them and that when they try to do something it is going to be successful. As a result, they have few worries and feel free to take risks.

In terms of men, confidence manifests by having a default setting that every man is attracted to you, even though they won’t all show it. Also, you feel free to flirt with men and show your interest in them – unreciprocated interest and rejection do not affect you (it is their loss, not yours).


4.  Be Feminine

This is probably the most important point, however I have left it until now because it depends on the points above to a large degree.

Femininity is what attracts masculine men to you – far more than having model looks ever will. The quality of femininity is very hard to define, but I will give you a list of words and phrases that encapsulate it:

love, vitality, happiness, joy, freedom, carefree, spontaneous, beauty, light, radiance, warmth, in harmony with nature, nurturing, kindness, noncompetitive, cooperative, supportive, follower, and willingness to surrender to the masculine.Feminine and fun girl

Notice though that I never mentioned weakness, which is neither feminine, nor attractive to men. Men are most attracted to women who are their equal in every respect (other than physical strength), but who will let them be the man and lead.

5. Be a Happy, Fun Person

Men love women who are happy, fun and smile a lot. These things lift them up and add significant value to their lives.

On the other hand, men don’t want to be around unhappy, depressed, tense, angry and moody women.

6. Be Intelligent

Most intelligent men who are secure in themselves love the quality of intelligence in a woman – they want someone who is their intellectual equal, not some “dumb blonde”.

But your intelligence must be used in a cooperative way (eg. to help achieve common goals), rather than competitively (eg. to win arguments and prove him wrong).

7. Be Real

Let go of the false persona that you are putting on to protect yourself and instead show the real you!

I am not saying that you have to wear your heart on your sleeve or tell everyone your deepest and darkest secrets.

What I am telling you though is to remove the social mask that you put on around people who you want to impress – you know what I mean. They can tell that you are not being authentic with them, and this makes you appear less trustable, especially to men.

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