How to Be Sexy

Being a sexy WomanHow do you claim your sexual power as a woman?

What would it take for you to be the kind of woman who causes some men to go weak at the knees and others to crash their cars when driving because they just can’t take their eyes off you walking down the street?

In this article on “How to be sexy”, I am going to share some secrets that could be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands!

Other women definitely wouldn’t want you knowing these secrets because you’ll begin to have an unfair advantage over them. And men will start to be concerned at how helpless they are becoming to your charms.

Okay, well I might have oversold it just slightly, but I am serious about how you can turn yourself into a woman who men can’t help but feel a strong instant attraction towards, with a few easy tweaks.

Here are the things that you need to know: 

Being Sexy Secret #1: Sexy is not what you look like or how you dress

Sexy doesn’t correlate very highly with good looks (sure it will help a bit) and it is not just a matter of how you dress.

To be sexy, you don’t have to look like a swimsuit or underwear model – if you did have to, only 1 – 2Happy woman percent of women (at most) would be able to be seen as sexy by men – which is just not true.

And even when a woman does possess “the look”, if she doesn’t have the other parts of being sexy which I am about to describe, she will not in actual fact appear very sexy at all.

Having said this though, you must make an effort to look your best and take care of yourself, for this shows self-respect. It is very hard to be sexy if you let yourself get a hundred pounds overweight or have random hairs popping out of your chin, for example.

So please be clear that I am not saying that what you look like does not matter, for it does. But not in the way you probably thought before reading this article.

On the issue of how you dress, it is true that you can wear very little and get the attention of men, but this is not really the kind of sexy that I’m talking about. When you dress in such a way, men can only think of getting you in the sack.

However, there is another kind of sexy that causes men to also want to make you their girlfriend and wife.

Being Sexy Secret #2: Sexy is about being feminine

Sexiness is primarily about being feminine and owning it to such a degree that it is an energy that both fills you and flows outwards. Anyone who is around you cannot help but be touched by it.

Being feminine is something that goes way beyond the limits of what human language can describe, however the following words and phrases convey a sense of it:

  • Love
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • HappinessFeminine and sexy woman
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Carefree
  • Spontaneity
  • Light
  • Radiance
  • Beauty (both on the inside and outside)
  • Warmth
  • In harmony with nature
  • Nurturing
  • Kind
  • Noncompetitive
  • Cooperative
  • Supportive
  • Follower rather than leader
  • Surrender to the masculine

As a man, I can tell you that a woman who comes even close to this description is far more sexy than all the scantly clad women that you find in bars and clubs at night.

And even if she is not the most physically attractive woman in the world, she can still cause men to crash their cars – as long as she has the attitude of being sexy (which is our next point)!

You might look at the photo above though and think to yourself, “Well, how could that girl not look sexy if she is as beautiful as that?”

But it is not just her beauty that makes her look sexy. It is her femininity that is the key (and this is really what makes her look beautiful in the first place).

To a man, she would seem to embody most or all of the items on the list above – just from the energy she is conveying. This is unbelievably attractive to almost all men.

However, if she had a frown on her face, all that would go out the window – she would not look feminine or sexy.

The key takeaway here is that there is no reason why just about any woman cannot convey the sort of femininity of the girl in the photo and be irresistibly attractive to men.

To learn more about femininity and how to use it to make yourself appear wildly attractive to men, check out the article:

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(Warning: There is a chance that you may be highly offended by some of this! But please don’t shoot the messenger, as I can assure you that it is what works in practice.)

Being Sexy Secret #3: Sexy is an attitude

Sexy is also an attitude – which comes from self-esteem and confidence. You make a decision to like and appreciate yourself just how you are, despite any flaws that you may have (very few people do this – most tend to focus on their worst parts, rather than their best ones).

As a result you feel like a woman who is feminine and highly desirable to men. And you naturally stand withConfident and irresistible woman poise, hold your head up high when you walk, and have a certain “bounce” in your step.

Furthermore, you are able to draw in the men you want by your fun, flirtatious nature. This will usually take one of two forms: being smiley/happy (the friendly girl-next-door who smiles all the time) or sultry (like Angelina Jolie and catwalk models).

The key point to remember here is that if you FEEL sexy, men will generally think that you ARE sexy and desire you, because sexiness flows through to everything that you do as a result of just the feeling.

I must caution you though, that when I suggest having an attitude of being sexy, I am not saying to “have attitude” by being arrogant, rude and shoving it in people’s faces.

Doing such things is definitely not sexy – it actually indicates to others that you are overcompensating for the personal lack and insecurity that you feel about yourself.

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Okay, to summarize the key points on how to be sexy as a woman: work on looking your best, being more feminine, and cultivating the attitude of “I’m sexy” (without being arrogant and shoving it in people’s faces).

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