How to Find a Husband

One of the major life goals of many, many women throughout all cultures of the world is to get married – ideally to an amazing man who they connect with in a deep way, on a number of levels.

For some women the process seems to happen naturally and they meet and marry a wonderful, loving man without seemingly even trying – he finds her and sweeps her off her feet.

Other women though keep waiting and hoping while the years roll by, without really even getting any closer to finding him. They may meet a lot of pretenders along the way who promise much, but these men end up delivering nothing.

As a result this whole process becomes very frustrating and disheartening for such women.

So what can they do – what is the best way how to find a husband?

Step 1: Compile Profile of Who He Is

The first step in how to find a husband is to compile a detailed profile of who this manPotential husband? is:

What does he look like? How old is he? Which ethnicity is he? What is his personality type? Which religion/spiritual beliefs does he identify with? What are his life aspirations? How many kids does he want? What are his hobbies and interests? And so on …

It also helps if you put the various qualities into “necessary” and “desirable” categories (eg. height above 5’10” necessary and brown hair desirable).

Although it is very unlikely that you will find an exact match, by compiling a profile of your ideal husband you are constructing a map that will help you to find someone like him. It will narrow down your search and allow you to concentrate your effort in areas that he is most likely to be.

In addition to this, it will be easier to quickly identify him when you come across him, rather than miss your opportunity and allow some other woman to snap him up.

Step 2: Run a Compatibility Check

The second step is that you need to run a compatibility check:Mr Right?

Is your ideal husband really what you want in a man, or what society tells you that you should have (eg. tall, dark, handsome and rich)? Is he someone that you would be compatible with over the course of a lifetime? Or is he really just your fantasy of a great sexual partner?

In addition to all of this, do you think this man would be attracted to you? Why would he want to have you as his wife – what do you have to offer him?

If you think that there is a two-way fit here, you can move onto the next step. However if not, you need to either make some adjustments to your ideal husband (if he is not really the one you want), or undergo some personal development work to enable you to become the woman he is looking for.

Step 3: Go To Where He is Likely To Be

The third step in how to find a husband is to put yourself in the sort of places that he is likely to be (eg. you are most likely to meet Christian men at church and large muscular guys at the gym). And given you have verified that the two of you are compatible with each other, these places should also be places where you enjoy being. Enjoyment is absolutely crucial, since most men are looking for women who are fun to be around.

Step 4: Let Go of Searching

Finally, once you have done the first three steps, you must let go of searching for a husband and instead just look to have a great time wherever you are, without any agenda.

But if you are obsessed with finding a husband you will give off desperate and needy vibes to the men you meet and come in contact with. They will sense this and move away from you, towards other women who are more relaxed and laid back.

Men are attracted to women who have a life, not those who are looking for a man to give them a life. When they find such a woman, they will surely notice her. And if she appears open and approachable, there is every chance that they will try to make a move on her.

Waiting for man to approach


I believe that the process I have just outlined is the best way as to how to find a husband. However, finding the man you want to marry and getting to the point where he proposes to you are two completely different things.

You must be sure that you are marriage material when you meet him, otherwise it is unlikely that he will ever Engaged to future husbandask you to marry him.

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