How To Find Mr Right

Your Mr Right?

If you are like most single women on the planet, at some stage (probably in the near future) you would like to find your Mr Right and settle down with him, wouldn’t you?

But you might be wondering: “Is there a predictable way that I can find this man, or do I just need to leave it up to chance?”

My view is that while there is no system that is going to guarantee your success, you can definitely raise your odds significantly if you take a strategic approach to finding your dream guy – such as the one I’m about to show you.

Here is my proven system for finding Mr Right:

1. Define Who Mr Right is

The first step involves defining who this Mr Right is for you. For if you don’t know who he is, it is hard to put yourself in the best position to meet him.

So write down on a piece of paper a list of things that you want in a man. Write down the various categories (physical appearance/body type, ethnicity, age, personality type, religious/spiritual beliefs, education, career, life aspirations, hobbies/interests, …), and then divide them each into two parts: “must have” and “desirable” qualities.

Next fill all of these parts out until you have a profile of your Mr Right.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind at a later stage. It just means that you are able to put yourself in the best places to meet him, you will be able to identify qualified candidates quickly, and you can more easily avoid wasting time on guys who may on the surface be interesting but are really not right for you.

For example, in regard to location, if you are looking for a man in his 20s, who is white, tall and muscular, a good place to look for him would be at a gym or health club in a Western country such as the USA. You are less likely to meet him at a McDonald’s restaurant in China.

And as a second example, if you are looking for a Christian man aged in his 30s, the best place to meet him would be at a church that contains men in this age group. You are not likely to meet him at the hottest bar in town at 2am on Sunday morning.

Try to identity the best places to meet your Mr Right, based on the profile of him that you have created.

Attractive man


2. Evaluate Whether Such a Man is Compatible With You

After you have done this, you need to evaluate whether such a man is actually compatible with you and your lifestyle.

Have you chosen the type of man that you want, or one that Society tells you that you should have?

If he is not compatible with you, go back and redo your profile of Mr Right.

3. Evaluate Whether You are What He Wants in a Woman

Next, you need to do an evaluation of yourself (and maybe get a good friend to help you). You need to try to figure out what your Mr Right would want in a woman and whether you meet his criteria.

If not, you either have some personal development work to undergo, or you have to cross off some of your criteria for the sort of man you seek. Otherwise, you are only really deceiving yourself by believing that you have a chance of success.

4. Go to Where He is Most Likely to Be

The following step in how to find Mr Right involves placing yourself in the high probability spots that you identified when profiling him. This will maximize your chances of meeting such a man.

5. Let Go of the Outcome

When you are at these high probability locations, you need to let go of the outcome of trying to find Mr Right and focus on justWoman looking for Mr Right having a great time there (This of course presupposes that such a place is somewhere that you want to be. If not, you may need to revaluate your profile of Mr Right).

Men are attracted to women who have a life and know how to enjoy themselves, not women who are needy and have nothing better to do than go “man hunting”.

You need to take the mentality of fishing instead of hunting. With hunting, you continually scan your environment for prey, and when you spot a target you sneak up on it, and then suddenly jump out and go for the kill.

But such a strategy is not likely to be effective with men. Let them hunt you instead.

On the other hand, with fishing you throw out the bait and let whatever is interested come and take it.

Only when you get a bite or two, do you start to reel your catch in. And if you find that you have caught a fish that you don’t want to keep, you just cut it off, throw it back in the water, re-bait the hook and then cast your line out again.

With this strategy you should unearth some qualified candidates and then you will be able to make your choice as to which one that you like the most.

Found Mr Right

This process that I have outlined should give you a great chance to find Mr Right.

But to maximize your chances of him choosing you, you need to make sure that you present yourself as the most desirable woman that you can be.

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