How to Get a Boyfriend

Are you a woman who is currently single and seeking a special man in her life?

If so, you’ve come to the right place, because in this article I’m going to outline a simple set of steps on how to get a boyfriend which almost any woman can successfully apply. 

Here they are:
Step 1: Be Attractive

1a. Look Your Best

The first step in how to get a boyfriend is to present yourself as an attractive woman, which is the thing that makes men desire you in the first place.

Being attractive does not mean that you have to be some sort of model or beauty queen, although it is important to put effort into making yourself look your best.

While there are some areas about yourself that you do not have a lot of control over such as yourAttractive woman height and basic body structure, there are others that you can leverage greatly to make yourself appear a lot more attractive to men.

In my opinion, the most important of these is your hair. My suggestion is that you grow it long (at least shoulder length if you can and preferably longer). Long hair signifies youth, which is something that men tend to be highly attracted to in women.

Secondly, you have some degree of influence over your figure. Although the media keep reinforcing the ideal of being skinny, most men I believe prefer women with curves, who are still reasonably firm at the same time. And to keep yourself in this optimal shape, you will probably need to do regular exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Thirdly, the way you dress can have a big influence over how attractive you are perceived as being by men. There is no need to buy expensive clothes as most men don’t really care about fashion at all. The right pair of jeans and t-shirt will usually do the trick.

A big thing to avoid though is dressing too sexy. This prevents men from seeing you as girlfriend material – they will only be thinking about having sex with you. What I am saying is that there is a big difference between being seen as attractive and viewed as sexy. You definitely want to err on the attractive side if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, leading to marriage.

1b. Be Feminine

More important though than your physical appearance in being attractive to men is that you present yourself as a feminine woman, for femininity is the thing that men most desire in women – even if they can’t verbalize this.

So what is femininity?

Femininity is primarily an energy and a way of operating in the world that is normally associated with women, which men (and anyone for that matter) can feel when they encounter a person who is moving in it.

This energy is extremely hard to nail down and put into a succinct description, therefore the best way to give you an idea of what it is, is to list words and phrases that encapsulate different aspects of it.

These are: love, vitality, happiness, joy, fun, playfulness, beauty (inner and outer), nurturing, kindness, cooperation, submissiveness and willingness to surrender to the masculine.

Three powerful practical things that you can do to convey a lot of these qualities to men are to smile a lot around them, be playful with them, and allow them to lead you.

Feminine woman smiling at her boyfriend

1c. Have High Self-esteem and Confidence

High self-esteem and confidence are also very important parts of being attractive to a man.

Self-esteem is the degree to which you like, accept and respect yourself. Unfortunately though, many women shoot themselves in the foot by having low self-esteem.

This however means that the few women who do have a good view of themselves stand out like beacons to men – and this can be you.

My suggestion is to firstly make a decision to like, accept and respect yourself. What can help you in this regard is to make a habit of focusing on the best parts about yourself rather than the worst ones.

When you compare what you lack to that which other women have (eg. Your small breasts with the bigger ones of other women), you will constantly be feeling bad about yourself and therefore have low self-esteem. This is not attractive to men – they do not want a girlfriend with low self-esteem, who they constantly need to reassure.

Another way to boost your self-esteem is to discover your purpose in life (the reason why you were born) and live according to it, to the best of your ability. Then you will feel incredibly fulfilled with your life and like who you are as a result. Alternatively, find something that you are really passionate about and make it a big part of your life.

Confidence is something that is tied quite closely to high self-esteem. When you like, accept and respect yourself it gives you confidence in life generally and also specifically with men.

Men love confident women because it indicates that if the two of you get together in a relationship you are going to add to their lives, rather than be a burden and pull them down. Confident women are just so much more fun to be around and as a result usually have their pick of men.
Step 2: Go to Places Where the Types of Men You are Attracted tAttractive guy lifting weightso Hang Out

The second step in how to get a boyfriend is that you need to go to the places where the types of men you are attracted to are likely to hang out.

This may seem like common sense, however many women tend to stay at home or go to places where they are very unlikely to meet a great man, such as bars and clubs.

But when you go to where your Mr Right is likely to hang out, you greatly increase your odds of meeting him and making him your boyfriend.

To give one example, if you would like a sporty type of man, try joining a sports club or going along your to your local gym.

Step 3: Flirt With Men

The final step in how to get a boyfriend is that you need to flirt with men. Flirting is the best way to show a man that you are available and interested in him.

The reason why this is necessary is that men will not usually make a move until you give them the green light to move forward. This is basically because they don’t want to get rejected and attract negative attention to themselves as a result.

What men will often do though is test the waters when they find a woman they feel attracted to. If it is in a non-social setting like a gym, they might stare at you from across the room, hoping that you will give them a sign to come over (most women don’t though).

The best thing to do in this case is simply to make eye contact with the guy and then smile at him. This should give him enough encouragement to come over and talk to you (if he is a “real man”), since you have reduced the odds of rejection significantly.

Flirtateous woman trying to get man's attention

From there, what you need to do is have a conversation with him and use this as an opportunity to display the qualities we mentioned above ie. femininity, high self-esteem and confidence.

If all goes well and the two of you are a fit personality-wise, he will start to feel that things are going well and will probably either ask you for your phone number or invite you to have a coffee with him on the spot (or something similar). From that point on things should progress naturally if you are both still interested in each other.

If however you are in a social setting like a friend’s party it is a whole lot easier. As long as you make yourself approachable, men who are interested in you will just come over and say “hi”.

To make yourself approachable, you need to avoid being with a group of people you know well for the whole night. This makes it very hard for any new guy to move in.

What you want to do is occasionally break away from your friends and make yourself available to meet other people. And when men come over to introduce themselves to you all you have to do is apply similar methods to the non-social situation (described above) if you like a particular man.

 Man approaching woman

Okay, so those are some of my best ideas on how to get a boyfriend; I hope you’ve got some good value out of them.

But what I’ve taught you in this post though is really only the tip of the iceberg on what you need to know in order to attract a great man into your life.

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