How to Get a Date

Do you currently find yourself in the position of having been single for a while and just not getting asked out – aWoman on date with mant least not by the types of men you’re attracted to?

Is your family putting the pressure on you to find someone with their not-so-subtle jibes about you not having a man in your life?

Have you become the “project” of your well-meaning friends (that are in happy relationships) who are constantly trying to set you up with guys?

If so, these situations can be desperate, embarrassing and even humiliating to be in, can’t they?

While there aren’t any ways to instantly conjure up the man of your dreams, there are things you can do to move towards finding such a guy.

This starts with you becoming a woman who gets asked out frequently and dates a lot of quality guys. For you will probably need to meet and get to know a number of men in order for you to find the right one.

In this article therefore I’m going to help you with this part of the process by giving you a few valuable tips on how to get a date, which should enable you end any dry period that you may currently be experiencing and eventually find your Mr Right.

Okay, so let’s get started:

1. Do What You Can to Make Yourself Attractive

Do what you can to make yourself attractive. Try to be the most appealing that you can be for the type of man you want.Attractive girl

Firstly, try to look your best physically, without going to extremes (you don’t have to be perfect).

Secondly, like and appreciate the person you are (ie. have high self-esteem), despite any personal flaws that you have. Think of yourself as desirable and sexy.

Thirdly, confidence is important – men find it sexy. This comes from having high self-esteem and through being able to step out of your comfort zone by trying new things and taking risks.
Fourthly, be strong, but surrender to the masculine. This is the kind of femininity that attracts men. They want someone who is their equal in every way (other than in terms of physical strength), but who is prepared to let them take the lead.

If you would like more information on these, please check out my article How to Get a Guy to Like You in which I give a lot more detail.

2. Put Yourself in the Right Places

The second step in how to get a date is to put yourself in the right places to meet the type of man that you want.

You must firstly get out of the house. It is unlikely that you will be asked out if you spend a lot of time watching TV at home. Go out as often as you can – either with your friends, or even better, by yourself. The key is to put yourself in places that you enjoy being in and that the type of man you want is likely to frequent.

If you are looking for a high quality, cultured man, it is not so likely that you will meet him in some loud bar where everyone is drinking a lot. Try going to places that are more cultured such as art exhibitions, personal development seminars, photography classes, or even church.

For more on the best places to meet men, read my post: Where to Meet Men.

3. Flirt with Men

The third step is to flirt with the men you see and meet who you find yourself attracted to. Flirting is something that conveys availability and interest.

What women need to understand is that most guys are very nervous about approaching and showing interest to a woman. Because of this, you can’t expect them to do all the work and assume all the risk in the initial phase. If you show a man no interest, or only some very subtle sign, in almost every case he will assume that you’re not interested and give up on you.

Therefore an extremely big tip is that when you catch a guy looking at you from across a room, smile warmly at him.Woman flirting with man This tells him that if he comes over to introduce himself, you are at the very least going to be friendly and polite to him. The fact that you seem low-risk is likely to encourage him to take the chance on you – if he is genuinely interested in you.

You can also smile at a man who you either accidentally or incidentally make eye contact with, for example, when you are walking down the street and catch the eye of a man walking towards you.


4. Let the Man Make the Move

The fourth and final step in how to get a date is to let the man make the move.

You have presented yourself as an attractive, feminine woman. You have put yourself in the right places to meet the kind of man you are interested in. And you have flirted with a particular man that you feel attraction for (demonstrating high self-esteem and confidence), showing your availability and interest. Now you must allow him the chance to make the move and claim you.

Don’t help him out here – it is now his job to demonstrate his masculinity, and his own self-esteem and confidence. If he can’t approach you and go for your phone number when you have given him the green light to move forward, he probably will not be the kind of man that you want. Good luck!

Man approaches woman

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