How to Get a Guy to Notice You

When you ask how to get a guy to notice you, there are two very different questions that come up:

The first one regards guys in general – how do you get them to notice you. And the second one relates to how you get a specific guy that you like to notice you.


Answers to the Two Questions

It actually turns out that the answer to the first question will help answer the second one. For the truth is that men are always scoping women out, either overtly or covertly.

It is hardwired into their bodies to locate and try to attract women in general, as long as these women Attractive man staring at womanmeet some minimum standard of physical attractiveness – which is not that high!

This means that, unless you look totally hideous, most guys that you cross paths with will notice and evaluate you (even if this is only in a hypothetical sense, because they are already happily in a relationship).

This is the first piece of the puzzle. Guys all around you are noticing you and trying to decide whether they could see themselves with you in any way.

This leads to the second question, about a specific guy. As I have just mentioned, guys all around you are already noticing you, without you doing anything special to draw attention to yourself. This includes that one particular guy that you have your eye on.

So, given that you are already on his radar, how can you get him to start showing you attention and pursuing you?

Well this basically comes down to being an attractive woman and sending him signals of interest:

Being Seen as Attractive to Men

Firstly, to be seen as attractive to a quality masculine man, you need to be a feminine woman, who has high self-esteem, is confident, happy, fun to be around, and who actually has a life of her own.

Women such as this stand out to guys and are normally viewed as worth the effort pursuing. For more info on this please see: What Men Find Attractive.

Attractive and desirable woman

And although I said above that men are looking to attract women in general, this is not as practical in modern human society as it is in the animal kingdom. So most of the time guys will look from a distance and only put in the effort when a woman stands out to them.

Furthermore, when men are after a proper long-term relationship they will be looking for someone who is compatible with them and their lifestyle.

You Need to Send Him Signals of Your Interest

If you do consider yourself the kind of woman that I just mentioned, and you have known a guy (who is single) for a while and he has not shown any interest in you, it could be because he has decided against pursuing a relationship with you.

More likely though, it is because he hasn’t got a clue that you are interested in him and he’s too scared to make a move – because he fears that you will reject him.

However the way around these problems is to flirt a bit with the guy. One easy way to do this is to engage him in eye contact and smile at him from a distance.

This may cause him to reevaluate you if he has decided against you. Or, if he is interested in you but scared of making a move, by smiling at him you are communicating that you are interested and that asking you out is a low-risk option. The ball is then in his court to make a move if he chooses to.

On the other hand, if the guy is someone whom you have never met before or don’t know well, flirting with him in the same sort of way is also the answer. He probably doesn’t know enough about you to put you in the “no” category, so you need to do something to signal your interest and make yourself a low-risk approach.

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Smiling woman who gets noticed by guys

Okay, so we have come to the end of these ideas on how to get a guy to notice you (and start pursuing you). I hope I’ve given you some real insights into the male mind that will greatly boost your chances with any particular man who you are interested in.

However, I must point out that what I have just told you is really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the sorts of things that you need to know about men and their fears, hopes and desires regarding women.

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