How To Get Him To Propose

Once you have found a great man, met him, attracted him and entered into a relationship withProposal him, how do you get him to move towards formalizing the relationship by asking you to marry him?

What is the best way as to how to get him to propose?

On the surface it may sound crazy that he would not ask for your hand in marriage quickly if he loves you and thinks you’re the woman for him.

However, many women these days find that they haven’t got a ring on their finger after being with one man for a number of years.

In this article on how to get him to propose, I will give you a few powerful ideas as to how to encourage your special man to ask you THE big question that you have been waiting for him to ask for a while:

1. Be the Most Attractive Woman that You Can Be

When you are a very attractive woman, his eye will be on you, and you only. Of course he will look at other women (he is a guy after all!), but this will only serve as a comparison to show why you are the object of his desire.

Do you need to be the most physically attractive woman in the world?

Well no – you just need to look your best. The things that make you attractive to a man also include femininity, high self-esteem, confidence, happiness and intelligence.

These are actually far more important to how attractive you are perceived as being than just your physical appearance.


2. Create a Deep Bond With Him

As you spend time together, tell each other your intimate thoughts and desires, and share many experiences (both good and bad), a deep bond will be created between the two of you that cannot easily be broken. Your man will then not want to be with anyone else, but you.

Couple in love
3. Create Incentives for Him to Marry You

The first two steps of being the most attractive woman that you can be and creating a deep bond with him serve as the bait and hook, respectively. They are what make him want to be with you forever.

However, you still have to create incentives for him to take the plunge and marry you, since people usually do things for their reasons rather than yours.

It might sound a bit old fashioned, but if you give him all the benefits of marriage without actually marrying you, why would he want to marry you?

What benefits am I referring to? Having sex with him, living with him, washing his clothes, cooking dinner for him etc. If you withhold these until the wedding ring is on your finger, he can see a benefit to proposing and eventually marrying you.

Furthermore, you can add to this that we as human beings want what we can’t have – which is the perfect motivator.

All of this will also mean that he is less likely to think about what he could be losing by marrying you eg. his freedom.

4. Try to Win Over His Family and Friends

Another thing that you can do to move closer to a marriage proposal is to win over his family and friends. Become part of his family and make his friends your friends. Then they will put pressure on him to pop the question – which means that you don’t have to!

5. Tell Him of Your Desire for Marriage, But Don’t Nag

It is okay to mention to him your desire for marriage and by a certain age etc. You can also plant seeds in his mind indirectly through comments in passing (eg. When you drive past some old, traditional country church you could say, “That’s the kind of church I’d like to get married in.”).

However, don’t ever nag him about it, as this will cause resistance in his mind to the issue.

Remember, that if you win over enough of his family and friends (as suggested in the above step), they will be working behind the scenes for you.

Leave him to mull over it and come to the “right” decision on his own. Trust me, he will be thinking about it if you have set things up correctly, according to the steps that I have recommended.

So, that is the process of how to get him to propose. I hope this helps to bring you closer to the big dayEngaged to be married that you have been dreaming about.

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However, if you don’t know exactly what men are looking for, your man might drag his feet on the issue of marriage.

Why would he do this?

Well, it could be simply because he’s just not sure that you’re THE ONE for him (and as a result he will probably try to keep all his options open for as long as possible).

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