How to Please Your Man

The situation is that you are currently in a relationship with a man, which may either be a new one, a long-term one such as marriage, or something in between these two extremes. What you want to do is please him and make him happy so that he wants to stay with you.

How do you go about doing so?

In this article on how to please your man I will give you a few suggestions which should keep most men happy in a relationship with you:


1. Be attractive for him

The first and most important part of how to please your man is in you being an attractive woman for him.

This means that you make every reasonable effort to look your best physically, you have high self-esteem, confidence, intelligence and femininity etc.

Being attractive is what makes him want to be with you, and enjoy your affection, appreciation and so on.

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2. Make him feel like a king

When a man feels like a king, he feels like a powerful man, who is respected and admired. Although most people around him are not going to treat him like this, you still can as his woman.

This does not mean that you play the role of a servant. Instead, you need to be his queen. Set your personal standards high and allow him to step up to the mark and be your king. Build him up and don’t let him talk himself down or be average.

3. Be his biggest supporter

Related to the previous point, be your man’s biggest supporter. I’m not saying that you should push him to do things that he doesn’t want to do. What I am suggesting though is that you encourage him in his life endeavors – don’t be someone who kills his dreams.

Furthermore, you should always speak well of him to others – don’t tell your family and close friends all the things about him that you don’t like. Realize that it will affect your relationship with him if you talk badly about him behind his back.

If there are issues to discuss, it is far better to bring them out in person with him (in a loving and constructive way).

4. Be a positive, happy person

Your man wants to be with someone who is positive and happy most of the time – this helps him to be the same way and to feel good.

On the other hand, he definitely does not want to be with a woman who is negative, unhappy or angry. Nor does he want to be with a complainer or criticizer. All of these things bring him down and reduce his feeling of well-being.

5. Show him affection

Men love kisses, hugs and cuddles too, even though they may try to hide behind just doing them for you. They also love it when you occasionally initiate these sorts of things.


6. Recognize him with appreciation

Give him sincere appreciation for who he is and the things he does for you. Most men eat this up, as long as it is used sparingly, appropriately and with no intention to manipulate.

One thing that you could do is sneak a note in with his lunch saying that you’re so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

7. Do special things for him occasionally

Just as you may like him to surprise you with flowers for no reason, men also like nice surprises too. Think of things that he really likes (not flowers!!!) and occasionally treat him. It may be something like his favorite meal or dessert on an ordinary night.