Save My Marriage Today Review

Save My Marriage Today Review by James Taylor

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Save My Marriage Today!: Powerful Secrets to Rescue Your Marriage! is a bestselling book on how to work through major marriage difficulties and come out the other side with an even stronger relationship.

This 158 page downloadable book, which was written by relationship experts Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch, covers a large assortment of marriage issues that frequently arise, and provides solid methods to address them. The topics discussed are elicited by real questions from readers.

While this book is obviously targeted at those who are married, most of the material also applies equally to those in committed long-term relationships – the issues tend to be the same.

A feature of the book is that it alternates between the wife’s perspective (taken by Waterman) and that of the husband (taken by Rusbatch), which helps you to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and understand where they’re coming from more .

A basic premise of Save My Marriage Today! is that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage – all marriagesMarriage trouble experience challenges and difficulties, and require work to be successful.

The authors also believe based on their experience that most marital problems aren’t caused by a lack of love or irreconcilable differences; instead they are caused by ineffective interpersonal skills – which you have the power to improve!

A large proportion of the book is spent on helping you the reader to bolster these skills in your life, so that you are able to prevent a lot of marriage issues from coming up and deal with those that do.

Some of the issues addressed in the book are:

  • The top 7 mistakes to avoid when you are confronted with serious marital problems.
  • Communication and how vital it is to maintaining a successful marriage.
  • Anger issues: how to deal with your anger and that of your partner.
  • How to bring up issues with your husband and how not to (so that he doesn’t get defensive, angry or upset).
  • What to do when you feel taken for granted in the relationship.
  • The dangers of negative mood spillover from work.
  • The problems that children can cause to your marriage.
  • What to do if your partner has an addiction or is depressed.
  • Sex and intimacy issues.
  • How to deal with infidelity (and how to prevent it from occurring in the first place).
  • When to seek professional help with your struggling marriage.
  • The reality of divorce – why it is better to make every effort to save your marriage before it reaches this terminal stage.
  • The things people with successful marriages have in common.


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The Verdict

To round off this Save My Marriage Today Review, my verdict on the book is that it offers fantastic advice on working through serious issues in your marriage and on preventing many future issues from arising.

It also contains a impressive number of useful practical exercises (38 in all) related to these issues so that you don’t get bogged down in theory, and that you know what to do once you put the book downHappily married couple.

My belief is that if your marriage can be saved, Save My Marriage Today! will give you every chance of saving it. At only $49.95 it is a really cheap first port of call before you are forced into expensive marriage counseling (or divorce!!!).

In addition to the main book, the Save My Marriage Today! package also comes with a long list of valuable bonuses, which include a second book (Save My Marriage Today! Book 2: For Marriages in Extreme Crisis) which is tailored to the needs of those whose marriages are already very close to separation and divorce.

The other bonuses are:

  • Stress: The Silent Killer – A Comprehensive Guide To Wellness and Inner Peace
  • Seven Ways to Live Life to the Max
  • How to be Happy!
  • The Journey – How to Gain the Life of Your Dreams
  • How to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship
  • A free e-mail consultation with a member of the Save Your Marriage Today expert team to discuss your particular marriage issue(s) and get personally tailored advice.
  • Plus … five unannounced bonuses!

Finally, to ensure that the information and advice contained within the book and all the bonuses works for you, there is a 60-day satisfaction guarantee allowing you to claim a full refund of the purchase price if you are not happy with what you receive.

I hope this Save My Marriage Today review has been helpful to you. For more information on the book and to make a purchase, please click on the following link and then select the “Products” tab at the top of the page:

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