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The Magic of Making Up Review by James Taylor

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Magic of Making Up bookHave you broken up with that special man in your life recently?

If so, I can understand the incredible pain of heartbreak and loss that you are probably experiencing at the moment. It’s not easy, is it? You keep thinking of all his great qualities, you remember all the good times that you had together, and then the hurt and pain of him not wanting to be with you anymore when you had high hopes of the relationship lasting forever. I get it – I totally get it.

Woman upset after breakup with boyfriend

I have to tell you though that this is not necessarily the end of the road for the relationship (or for you) – there is still hope.

If you want to make up with your ex and restore the relationship, it can be done – if you know the right way to go about it.

This is where The Magic of Making Up (by TW Jackson) comes in.

The Magic of Making Up is a relatively short, but concise downloadable book that teaches you a simple and easy to understand framework as to how to get your ex back. This framework consists of the foWoman trying to make up with manllowing:

1. Understanding what went wrong

Here Jackson explains in detail the key reasons why men leave relationships, which will enable you to work out what went wrong in your case and then to make the necessary changes.

2. Regaining control of your emotions

When your man leaves you, you will almost certainly end up an emotional wreck for a period of time.

It is very important though that you regain emotional control before you try to patch things up with your ex, otherwise you will probably do stupid things that will eliminate any chance of getting back together with him.

To help you dramatically speed up this emotional healing process, Jackson teaches a powerful technique which he calls, “The Fast Forward Technique”. The technique allows you to very quickly let go of powerful negative emotional feelings such as the hurt and pain that arise from a relationship breakup.

In my estimation, this is worth more than the price of the book alone – especially considering that it is applicable to any area of life where negative emotions hold you back.

3. Enlarging your life

In order to attract your ex back, you need to regain your feelings of self-esteem and confidence. Jackson teaches a multi-pronged approach of enlarging your life and taking care of yourself in certain key areas, that will enable you to both feel good about yourself again and present yourself as someone that your ex would want back.

Woman recovering from breakup

4. Reconnecting with your ex

Once you have understood what went wrong and made changes, you have regained emotional control, and enlarged your life so that you appear attractive again, it is time to contact your ex with the aim of reconciliation. Here Jackson lays out the best way to reconnect with him that will give you the greatest chance of restoring the relationship.

5. Keeping the spark alive if you successfully get your ex back

Once you have got your man back, you need to take active steps to keep the relationship alive and fresh, while at the same time dealing with any underlying issues (eg. infidelity) that may have contributed to the breakup. Jackson has some valuable suggestions on how to take care of these important elements as you move forward.

6. How to move on with your life if it is not possible to restore the relationship

Sometimes no matter what you do it is just not possible to restore a relationship. For example, your man may now have a new woman in his life or he may just be too hurt and angry to have you back.

In such circumstances you have to just accept this and move on, since you can’t force him to come back. To help you in this regard, Jackson has some great ideas which will assist you to keep going and find another fulfilling relationship.

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The Bottom Line

To round off this The Magic of Making Up review, my honest appraisal of the book is that it contains a lot of simple, easy to understand and implement gems of street wisdom (but not the kind of things that you would naturally think of in a breakup situation), with a few useful psychological tricks thrown in for good measure.

It is not a literary masterpiece and it is not going to provide you with weeks of stimulating reading.

What it will do though is give you your best chance to save the relationship. And if your relationship can’t be saved, the book will help you to move on to the next phase of your life without looking back and regretting the past.

In short, the stuff works. Many, many people have bought The Magic of Making Up and the author receives an average of three unsolicited testimonials a day from happy customers saying how the system has worked for them in getting their ex back.

Man and woman together again

And to make this a complete no-brainer, TW Jackson offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee: if either you don’t get your ex back within 60 days or you’re not entirely happy with the book for any reason, you will be given a full refund of the purchase price. This shows how confident he is of his methods and I can see why.

I hope that this The Magic of Making Up review has been helpful. For more information about the book and to make a purchase:

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