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The Magic of Making Up bookTW Jackson Review by James Taylor

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In this TW Jackson review, I’m going to tell you about who TW Jackson is and give a short review of his popular “how to get your ex back” downloadable book, The Magic of Making Up.

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About TW Jackson

TW Jackson (or T Dub as he is known to many) is certainly not your typical relationship expert, if there even was a typical relationship expert.

He comes from a military background, having enlisted in the US Navy when he was 17. This has seen him live in dozens of homes, throughout 11 countries and 5 states of the US.

His relationship teaching credentials were not learned in any university or college. Instead they were earned in the School of Hard Knocks, as he was required to move to a number of different places and relate to many different people in his military postings.

Through all of this he was forced to be highly adaptable and quickly learn what works. Over time, Jackson developed an ability to read people, understand what makes them tick, and also influence them in their behavior. Eventually his friends realized these abilities and made him their “go to” guy whenever they had a people problem.

The long and short of it is that he has gained a huge amount of experience in helping people keep their relationships together and mend broken relationships – especially considering the fact that the divorce rate for military couples is much greater than for the general population (which gave him a lot of people to practice on as they encountered relationship difficulties).

The Magic of Making Up

In The Magic of Making Up, Jackson boils all his years of experience down into a simple and easy to follow formula for making up with your ex, getting back together with this special person, and staying together. His advice is structured around the following process:

1. Understand what went wrongWoman who has just broken up with boyfriend

2. Regain control of your emotions

3. Enlarge your life

4. Reconnect with your ex

5. Keep the spark alive if you are successful in getting him back

6. Move on with your life if it is not possible to restore the relationship

Jackson gives detailed instructions about what to do for each of these steps, and tells you when to move on to the next one. For timing is a crucial element; if you get this wrong, you will dramatically lower your chances of ever getting your ex back.

To give an example, when the breakup first occurs you will be feeling very emotional and may want to call your ex and do things like get angry at him or beg him to take you back.

At the time you just can’t see how stupid these things are and how they will almost certainly push him away further – because you are not thinking logically. But if you know how long it usually takes to regain your emotional control, you can make sure that you wait it out before eventually trying to contact him again.

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My Verdict on the Book

To conclude this TW Jackson review, my verdict on The Magic of Making Up is that it would be a really wise investment to Back together again!make, in order to give yourself a great chance of getting your ex back.

The advice is simple and easy to understand, but not the kind of stuff that you would naturally think of in a breakup situation. And most importantly, it really works! A huge number of people have successfully patched things up with their ex by applying the material.

Given that the book is only $39 and that you have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to try the material and see if it works, you have nothing to lose. For more information and to make a purchase:

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The Magic of Making Up