What Men Want in a Woman

What Men WantIt is commonly accepted as truth in our society that what men want in a woman is a  pretty blonde, who is extremely slim, with big breasts. And maybe, just maybe men will compromise by taking a brunette instead of the blonde.

The trouble is that almost no women fit this kind of description and as a result many are left feeling inadequate, as though they are not really a woman.

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The question must be asked though: Is this the truth about what men want in a woman?

As a man, my answer to this is … definitely not!

Personally I prefer brunettes over blondes; I usually don’t find skinny girls physically attractive; and extremely big breasts can be a turn-off – especially if the woman is trying to flaunt them.

Furthermore, I have talked to other men about these things and they generally agree, excepting for the fact that they don’t usually have firm preferences in terms of hair color.

What men want in a woman is actually someone who they find decent looking, confident, fun to be around, a minimum of drama, someone who appreciates them, is feminine and allows them to be the man.

Let’s go over these things briefly:

1. Someone Who is Decent Looking

Firstly, physical looks are not the be all and end all that they are made out to be.

Sure if you are physically attractive, men will notice you from a distance and this may cause you to enjoyDesirable woman more initial interest.

But this does not equal long term attraction. If all you are is a Barbie Doll, then at most a man will have superficial attraction to you.

Also, you need to realize that what is physically attractive is subjective. Different men like different things in women. For example, I actually knew a guy who preferred women with small breasts!

What you need to do is try to look your best without going overboard about it (eg. too much makeup). As long as you are decent looking (which is a level almost all women can reach), most men will accept this.

2. Confidence

Secondly, confidence in a woman is extremely important. This is a large part of making a woman fun to be around. It is not fun to be with someone who lacks confidence, is painfully shy, has low self-esteem, or is generally down.

Most people, including men, want to associate with others who are confident and lift them up to a higher level, rather than those who drag them down and make them feel worse.

3. Fun to be Around

Thirdly, also on the topic of being fun to be around, men like women who smile a lot, enjoy trying new things, are easy-going, know how to flirt, and who they can have the occasional play-fight with.

Fun woman that men desire

4. Minimum of Drama

Fourthly, most decent, well-balanced men hate drama. Women who bring drama to their lives will not last long. And unless they are extremely physically attractive, drama queens will not even get a look in.

5. Gives Appreciation and Approval Regularly

Fifthly, men crave appreciation and approval from women. If you give a man these things regularly, not a lot else will matter (as long as the appreciation and approval is genuine and in proportion to his actions).

6. Femininity

Sixth, a woman needs to be feminine and allow him to be the man.

This means that you let him lead and you follow (most of the time). Let him ask you out, make plans, organize things … and eventually propose to you – if the relationship reaches that stage.

Do not interfere by giving unsolicited advice, nagging, or grabbing the ball off him and running with it yourself.

Furthermore, you must not complain or criticize him for his efforts. All these things communicate that you are questioning his masculinity. Just don’t do it.

If he makes mistakes or something he does turns into a disaster, try to see the positive or funny side.

But if you can’t say anything positive, don’t say anything at all. And try to limit any disappointment and disapproval showing through in your facial expressions and body language, because he will pick up on it.

At the end of the day, if a man can’t lead you and get things done successfully most of the time, he may not be the man for you.

The feminine woman that men want

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