How to Get a Guy to Like You

Man in love with womanHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve met an amazing guy, someone who you would love to be in a relationship with, but he just did not seem to notice you?

Probably every woman has been through that experience at least once in her life, and it’s a tough one isn’t it? You want to just reach out and grab him, but at the same time you know that you can’t – it just isn’t appropriate.

The question therefore is, what is the best way as to how to get a guy to like you without having to do anything desperate?

I am going to answer this question in two main parts, starting with what you do before you meet him:

What You Do Before You Meet Him – You Need to Become an Attractive Woman

The first step in how to get a guy to like you is that you need to do some preparation before you ever meet the guy. That is, you need to turn yourself into the kind of woman that he would find attractive.

Now you might be wondering how you are meant to know what a particular man will find attractive in a woman before you even meet him – which is a fair point. However, there are certain things that men generally look for in a woman.

We will briefly cover four of the most important ones now (have a look at some of my other articles for more of these qualities). These are a pleasing physical appearance, femininity, high self-esteem and confidence.


1. A Pleasing Physical Appearance

Despite common belief, men are not only attracted to the most beautiful women around (although theyWay to get man to like you definitely do have some preference for physical looks). There is absolutely nothing stopping you from attracting a great guy if you are only average-looking (or worse).

But having said that, men will not normally go for a woman who they find extremely unattractive.

So how physically attractive do you need to be?

Well the truth is that all you need to have is a pleasing physical appearance, which most women have the ability to display. This is about having pride in what you look like and doing the best you can with what you have.

One strong suggestion though is that you grow your hair long (at least shoulder length if you can, but ideally longer) as the majority of men have a very strong preference for this, because it conveys youth, which men are highly attracted to.

2. Femininity

Secondly, (masculine) men are strongly attracted to femininity in a woman.

What you need to realize is that just because you are a woman, this does not guarantee that you are feminine. This is because the main determinant as to how feminine you are is largely your behavior.

For instance, femininity involves things such as freely expressing joy, happiness and fun through smiling a lot. It involves being playful, carefree and spontaneous.

Furthermore, it includes being nurturing and kind to others.

Finally it involves cooperative behavior, being supportive, following, being submissive and willingly surrendering to a worthy man.

In today’s day and age, a lot of these things are no longer politically correct to say, but I can assure you that what I have said is the truth. Men desire all of these things in a woman.

None of this though means that you have to be weak, as real femininity is not about being weak. It is about being strong, living life to the full, and at the same time being willing to be led by a man.

3. High Self-esteem

An absolutely crucial ingredient in the formula of how to get a guy to like you is that you must have high self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the level to which you like, accept and respect yourself. Men want to be with a woman who likes, accepts and respects herself a lot, since it is more fun to be around such a person.

Low self-esteem women bring too much drama into the lives of men, and high-quality men hate drama.

They instead want to be around a fun and happy woman (which are aspects of femininity), who helps them to feel better about life and have a great time.

A key to having high self-esteem is to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Try not to compare yourself to others – you will always fall short if you look at what others have and you don’t.

4. Confidence

Men also love confidence in a woman, because it also tends to bring out her feminine qualities more and make her a fun person to be around.

Confident woman flirting with man

Women who are confident love to meet new people, express themselves fully, and live life to the max. On the other hand, women who lack confidence tend to be shy, very reserved, and usually prefer to play it safe.

A large part of confidence comes from self-esteem in that if you have a high view of yourself you are not afraid to reveal the person who you truly are on the inside.

What You Do When You Meet Him – Flirt!

If when you meet a guy you do not project these four qualities and certain other ones that men desire in a woman (which I go through in depth here: What Men Want), it will be hard to get him to like you – I have to be honest about this.

My suggestion therefore is that you work at developing these key qualities and integrating them into your life so that you give yourself every chance of making a good impression on a man when you meet him.

Speaking of when you meet him, the second step in how to get a man to like you is to flirt with him. This will require you to put your femininity, self-esteem and confidence into action, as flirting requires some effort on your part.

What you need to do is make this man attracted to you and also indicate that you are interested in him – then he will reveal his interest in you (ie. that he likes you) and will probably try to get your phone number and ask you out. Flirting is the best way to achieve both of these goals.

One easy way to flirt with a guy is to smile at him warmly, especially when he is some distance away from you (eg. across a room) as you catch his eye.

If however you are already in a conversation with a guy, you could banter with him, make strong eye contact with him, or maybe play with your hair a bit. Smiling at him is also still a great flirting technique to use here.

What you do is not so important; it is more vital that you display your attractive qualities to him and indicate that you find him interesting. This combination gets the attention of guys and causes them to take action, as I mentioned above.

For more flirting tips, see my other article: How to Flirt With Guys.

Man and woman in love

Okay, I hope you’ve found these tips on “how to get a guy to like you” very useful. If you apply these ideas I am sure that you’ll have much more success in getting men to like you.

However, since this has only been a brief overview of what takes to attract and draw in a great guy, I suggest that you have a read of the following articles:

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